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Who We Are

We create radical graphic t-shirts that unapologetically  unveil the ugly side of animal industries. 

Each tee depicts an animal welfare atrocity and through its sale, a stealthy 10% donation to your chosen animal charity is given. 


Art work is hand drawn from the (dark depths of the) soul and printed using cruelty-free and chemical-free inks on 100% organic cotton.

We want to bridge the gap between fashion and ethics and amplify awareness of shy-away topics so that everyone can shout about it or make a change. 

We are proudly women owned and led from Scotland. The business is run by two sisters - we love animals and Humane Human is our labour of love. By day, our business leader Sara manages a tea shop and our artist & founder Natalie is a veterinarian. We are very much a family business and often enlist help from sister #3 Rhona for events, our lovely Mum for chauffeuring, and from jack of all trades Edward for day to day business duties. 


               Get loud with us

and save some lives.

Calves in Nature